History of Couples Resorts in Jamaica

Couples Resorts’ founder Abe Issa opened Jamaica’s first year-round resort—Tower Isle Hotel—in 1949 and never looked back.

In 1978, he pioneered the all-inclusive concept for couples to the island—blending luxury, romance and value under one roof. Named Couples Ocho Rios, it served as the corner stone for building the Couples Resorts brand.

Aptly dubbed “The Father of Jamaican Tourism,” Abe understood the importance of creating resorts as luxurious as they are authentic. By intertwining local Caribbean culture, spectacular natural settings and first-rate amenities, he achieved an undeniably successful combination.

Today, Couples Resorts proudly owns and operates four all-inclusive luxury boutique resorts on the island. Embracing a casual yet chic style infused with pure Jamaican touches, each one offers a genuine, intimate and truly memorable experience.

Still very much a family business, Couples Resorts is led by Abe’s son, Lee, and other members of the Issa family, who along with a dedicated team of management and staff, remain committed to Abe’s pioneering vision and dedicated to making sure that each visit is a perfect one.

At Couples Resorts, the key to our success is our people

and the exceptional service they provide. That’s because we believe in going further than merely meeting your expectations—we strive to exceed them by adding a special personal touch to every facet of your Jamaican experience.

Every member of our staff shares in this passion for service and commitment to ensuring that your stay is perfect from start to finish. By offering exceptional five-star service and world-class amenities in Jamaica’s most idyllic natural setting, we create a carefree and enchanting environment—that encourages you to forget about everything except enjoying each other. Without distraction, crowds, children or schedules, our “couples only” philosophy translates into pure romance from the moment you arrive.

Some call it quality time. Others call it intimacy. Here in Jamaica, we call it irie (I-ree)—or simply, beautiful.



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