What to do while on vacation…

Did you ever wonder what to do while on vacation? As nice as it is to sip drinks on a beach and listen to the waves lapping the sandy beaches, is that all you want to do? There are many reasons to travel like relaxing but most people cannot walk 500 feet to go snorkeling when they wake up or jump on a horse to ride through the jungle in the afternoon. With so many options out there, do you really want to sit around and do nothing? Resorts have a plethora of activities to do on and off site.

There should be a list in the room of information of things going on around the resort or you can always speak with concierge. Depending on the resort, there could be morning yoga classes, afternoon volleyball tournaments or local performers in the evening.

Off site excursions are great because the resort has checked out the activity so you know it is safe and not going to rip you off. The resort has a reputation to uphold and wants to make sure you have a fantastic time while you are visiting.  They also can offer a discount because of their partnerships with local companies. It is best to check with the front desk or concierge to see what options they have available.

Many resorts have partnerships with off-site golf courses that rent their equipment so you don’t have to worry about shipping your clubs. There are shopping excursions that are always fun. Depending on your location of travel, this is a great option because in some places, there are areas that tourists may not want to explore by themselves. An example of this is in Montego Bay,  Jamaica. There are gated tourist shopping districts and straw marts that are guarded with police. As soon as you walk out of those gates, you are no longer protected. The items for sale may be a bit more expensive but the stores are clean, the people are friendly, and you know you are safe.

Water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving are always popular in Mexico and the Caribbean. There are many Nationally protected dive sites that are full of exotic species of coral and fish. Don’t forget to bring an underwater camera to capture those memories. Also, keep an eye out for booze cruises or tequila factory tours that include snorkeling. They are fun but remember to drink AFTER swimming…


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