Rome… The Eternal City

Twenty million visitors a year can’t be wrong; there is something about Rome that fascinates and attracts people, year after year, and century after century. This incredible hold on the world’s imagination has made Rome one of the most fascinating and sought out tourist destinations in the world. The Eternal City contains layer upon layer of history leaving its mark upon countless monuments, ruins, museums, and catacombs. Considering the long, impressive history that has molded Rome, the historic centre is actually quite small and easily visited within a short time, and the city itself can be seen as an enormous open-air museum. Furthermore, art works as magnificent as Michelangelo’s Moses or the Pieta adorn parish churches and basilicas, allowing visitors to admire them completely free of charge. Rome is home to so many churches that seeing them all, at a rate of one church a day, would take more than a year; and that is not even mentioning the majesty that is St Peter’s and the Vatican.

In the end, however, Rome is more than just a collection of world-renowned monuments.

  • Italian cuisine is one of the most popular worldwide with an unparalleled degree of international influence. But the experience of having Italian food in Rome is unique, becoming a blend of cultural and culinary imagination. From 5 star restaurants to street side cafés, there is something magical for every palate.
  • Rome is a haven for fashionistas and the perfect match for anyone who loves to shop. Picturesque streets are lined with high-end, designer, artisan boutiques as well as quirky, unusual shops offering every imaginable type of merchandise.
  • There is a special atmosphere that is unmistakably Roman, a timeless charm that is palpable as you sip a cappuccino in front of the Coliseum, indulge in a gelato and watch the street performers in Piazza Navona, admire the sun setting behind one of the Tiber bridges, get lost amidst the labyrinthine streets of the Centro Storico or simply unwind in one of Rome’s many, lush parks.

Roma : Non Basta Una Vita (A Lifetime is Not Enough)…

The winter weather is considerably milder in Italy than in the north and central US. In summer evenings are cool, especially in the mountains. Summer afternoon thunderstorms are common in Rome.

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