4th International Golf Tournament Cozumel Island

Tournament details:

Date:          Saturday, May 5th, 2012
Place:         Cozumel Country Club
Time:          9:00 a.m. Shotgun Start
Format:       Individual Net Score – Handicap is required,
information provided by the USGA, Mexican Federation of Golf or verified by the player’s home professional golf club.
Categories: Men’s A and B Divisions, Ladies Division
Tournament Fee:

US$444  –  1 golfer
US$519  –  1 golfer (sharing room with a non-golfer)
US$559  –  2 golfers (sharing the same room)

With breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and its crystalline water, Presidente InterContinental Cozumel Resort & Spa is an intimate, elegant destination on the beautiful island of Cozumel. Set on half mile of white, sandy beach, surrounded by green vegetation and just steps from the world’s second largest coral reef system with an stoning visibility underwater. Presidente InterContinental Cozumel Resort & Spa shows an atmosphere of calm, tranquility and elegance…

The 220 rooms are designed to blend modern elements with classic Mexican accents. The fabrics and artwork complement the lush outdoor environment, reflecting a charming harmony.
With its rich assortment of cuisine, personalized service, its activities and ready access to scuba diving and snorkeling, this unique property represents the best of a vacation experience.

The Resort also offers a variety of services, such as the 24-hour Laundry, twice daily maid service, turn-down service, private butler service for upscale categories, 24-hour front desk, activities desk, car rental (Dollar/Thrifty), concierge services.
The cordiality, the gentleness and the dedication of the staff combined with the beauty of nature itself will make your vacation unique and unforgettable.

Cozumel Activities

Swimming with dolphins
Swim along with these amazing and very friendly creatures in their natural environment. These spectacular mammals have been on the planet since 65 million years ago and have directly contributed in human lives. It has also been discovered that they experience many of the same emotions we do and are helping the scientific community at large. Take a look at the following programs and choose the one that fits for you!
Dolphin Encounter A non swimmer favorite for all ages; learn, hold them, watch their amazing tricks, get a serenade and a splash and seal the friendship with a kiss.
Dolphin Royal Swim An hour of fun, a lifetime of memories as you learn, interact, play and get played with. Meet the dolphins as you always dreamed!
Dolphin Swim Adventure An activity-packed program of kisses, cradling, getting up close and personal. Dancing belly to belly can make you become fast friends!

Sunset Cruise
Admire one of Cozumel’s amazing sunsets while enjoying your tropical drink, listening to music and sailing the beautiful turquoise waters. The 100 foot long classic ship “Princesa Maya” has both indoor and outdoor seating available and is fully air conditioned. Snacks, and a full open bar are provided. A unique sliding roof offers a fantastic view of the stars even when inside the ship.

Scuba Du Reef Snorkeling Adventure Tours
Scuba Du reef snorkeling tours go to the best reefs in Cozumel’s National Marine Park. Our comfortable dive boats and Professional, experienced and friendly Staff will make your snorkeling experience the best around. Our Shallow Reef Adventure is recommended for guests with little or no snorkeling/swimming experience, or limited time. Palancar & Colombia Reefs offer spectacular 20-40 foot coral heads and impressive views of the wall/drop-off, both options offer lots of coral formations, colorful tropical fish and many species of marine life. All Snorkeling Adventures include: snorkeling equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, lifejacket), purified bottled water, soft drinks, snacks (chips), for adults (+18) a few beers, Professional DiveMaster as your guide, Friendly & experienced boat staff, 3 snorkeling stops in the Marine Park (30-40 minutes each).

San Gervasio
At the biggest archaeological site on the island you can be part of the Mayan culture and its mysteries. San Gervasio was a strategic point for the commercial and political development of its era and also a sacred Mayan center. Inhabited from 200 A.D. until the Spanish conquest, San Gervasio was a sanctuary of the Goddess Ixchel, the fertility goddess, drawing pilgrims from the entire Mayan world to worship her.

Punta Sur
The Ecological Reserve Punta Sur Park is located on southern tip of the island. It is the most important Ecotourist Project of the Cozumel Foundation of Parks and Museums. The Park encompasses an outstanding variety of natural landscapes. Extending for more than one hundred hectares, it is the combination of lagoon environment with its coastal humid soil and mangrove jungles that are the setting of a mosaic of environments. The lagoon shelter is a very rich and wide variety of wild flora and fauna. The marine part of the reserve includes areas with white sand beaches and extraordinarily transparent waters.

Cozumel’s Island Museum offers a geographic view and history of Cozumel in four exhibition rooms. Conceived as an instrument of ecological information and education, it harvests convincing in children and young people on the preservation of equilibrium and its fragile ecosystems.
“La Casita Maya” (The Small Mayan House) is a representation of the way of life and ancient customs, and it is watch over by people from Mayan origin.

Horseback Riding
Ride back in time through the sacred land of the Maya, the oldest and most mysterious civilization in the world. You will be riding through the lush rain forest of Cozumel, listening to it’s most amazing sounds and discovering Cozumel’s hidden tropical savanna’s. Look out for the birds and different animal species that may come your way. You will visit El Cedral, Cozumel’s oldest Mayan ruin. It’s historical tradition dates back to the island’s discovery on May 3rd, 1518 and re-population in 1847 due to the war of Casts taking place in the State of Yucatan. This site was long ago decided both to farm and to marine activities. On your ride back be sure to take notice of the natural sounds and sights around you. In this natural paradise the Maya lived in harmony and this feeling of nature and man becoming one still lives on today.

Fishing with Scuba Du
For all the fishing aficionados, Scuba Du, our in-house water activities shop, offers private charters with our excellent crew, who have over 10 years of experience fishing in the waters near Cozumel. The boats are all custom made and fully equipped with 2 chairs, 5 fishing lines, shade and sunny area and lavatory. In the fishing season (March through July) you can catch: Blue and White Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) and Tuna and all year we catch Mackerel, Barracuda, Amberjack, Snapper, and Grouper.

Cozumel Island Tour
This tour really takes you to the most interesting sites of Cozumel. The tour starts with a visit to San Gervasio, mythical Mayan ruins surrounded by the jungle at the north side of the island. Your guide will tell you all about Ix-Chel, the island’s goddess, how she was worshipped and the mysterious beliefs around her. After this cultural start the tour will take you to the east side of Cozumel along the scenic road with the most beautiful beaches. You will get the change to take incredible shots of the overwhelming scenery here. The tour ends with an amazing snorkeling adventure in Chankanaab National Park, where you can also walk around in the botanical gardens, see reproductions of Maya monuments, see the friendly dolphins and sea lions and enjoy a drink and a snack at one of the beach restaurants.

Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza is the most famous and extraordinary City of the Mayan Civilization, located in the neighboring State of Yucatan. You will discover the incredible spirit of impressive structures. The largest building is the ‘Temple of Kukulkan’ or also called The Castle, a 75 foot high pyramid topped by a temple from where you will have an amazing view. Other well known structures include the ball court, the site of day-long ritual games; ‘El Caracol’, the observatory, from which the Maya’s traced the paths of stars and planets, the temple of warriors where you will see the reclining figure of ‘Chacmool’, a symbol for the Yucatan Peninsula. These are just a few examples of Chichen Itza’s structures, the most captivating of all Mexico’s archaeological treasures. You can reach Chichen Itza by plane and by bus.

Chankanab Park
Chankanaab Park is one of natures’ greatest treasures in Cozumel, designated in 1980 as a National Park as well as a refuge area for protecting  marine flora and fauna of the western coast of the Island of Cozumel. Chankanaab lagoon whose meaning in Mayan language is “small sea” is a world-renowned ecosystem and natural aquarium. Ocean streams foster the growth of coral as well as the development of large communities of fish, mollusks and crustaceans. Its survival depends mostly on the constant flow of water through amazing under water caves. The Botanical Garden entices you to listen to the song of the wind through the largest bamboo curtain on the Island, identify 60 different  palm trees, admire  water lilies and walk through a passage of orchids. These are the perfect place for bird watching and enjoy the dinosaur like “iguana” lizards basking in the sun.

Caribbean Pirates Lobster Dinner Cruise
The Caribbean Pirates Lobster Dinner Cruise, a “must do in Cozumel”, is a 105 ft. replica of an 18th century Spanish Goleta complete with pirate fights, show, Lobster and Steak dinner accompanied by an open bar with your choice of domestic drinks.

ATV Jungle Tours
Experience the untouched natural paradise of Cozumel’s north-east side during this exciting tour on a 4 wheel motorcycle. Traveling on roads and trails you will explore Cozumel’s jungle. At one of the most beautiful beaches at Cozumel, Playa Bonita, you will get the possibility to refresh yourself. This tour winds through some of the most scenic views of nature found on Cozumel. Passengers must be 6 years or older. Drivers must be 16 years or older. To safety operate the ATV the waight limit can not exceed 350 pounds.

Atlantis Submarine
Experience a spectacular adventure on a real submarine. The Atlantis, a real 48 passenger submarine, offers everybody a chance to experience why Cozumel is one of the top dive destinations in the world. Atlantis is one of the worlds most technologically advanced passenger submarines, trimmed, prepped and ready to take you into another world more than 100 ft. below the surface. The Atlantis brings you up close and personal with Chankanaab Reef, part of the world’s second largest reef and the islands most famous attraction. The total tour is approximately 2 hours.


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