How to Stay Healthy While Traveling (Top 5 Tips)

Niight Wind- Ayurveda

It is that time of year when everyone seems to have the traveling bug, with school being over and the weather so beautiful it is time to get away.  Digestion and Vata are most prone to going out of balance due to the movement, change and lack of routine.  Here are 5 tips for staying balanced and healthy while traveling.

1. Hydration

If you follow nothing else on this list, do this.  Hydration is so important to keeping alert, ridding the body of toxins and helping with elimination.  A lot of people tend to think that because you are just sitting you do not need to drink water, but that is not true.  Sitting in a moving car or airplane is Vata vitiating due to the movement and is very dehydrating.

A. Keep a water bottle with you.

B. Squeeze some lemon or lime in it to help the taste or try…

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