VERY Brief Overview of Peru

Heir to ancient cultures and a rich colonial tradition, Perú is a magical spot which involves one of the richest biodiversities of Earth, and is a melting pot of different cultures who together are forging the promise of a better future.

On another great note, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, September 2012 printed issue has chosen PERU as one of the 32 best trips in the world.

Also, Conde Nast has chosen Peru’s AQUA EXPEDITIONS (M/V Aria and M/V Aqua)  as Best Cruise Lines winner in the World Savers Awards 2012 for its help to protect endangered wild life and supporting many local communities in so many ways.

Lima Tours is dedicated to the promotion of Peru’s cultural and natural heritages, and are committed to their conservation. We guarantee personalized customer care, by designing innovative products and services, tailor-made for each client, with state-of-the-art technology. They are a well-trained, highly motivated team, fully identified with the company’s values.

Important hotel infrastructure

7.646 lodgings offering 131.624 rooms and 229.886 beds..

26 five-star hotels, 26 four-star hotels, 487 three-star hotels.

927 two star-hotels, 411 one star-hotels and 42 logdes. .

Accessibility by air and land

14 airports equipped to receive commercial flights and 10 ready for international flights: Lima, Arequipa, Chiclayo, Pisco, Pucallpa, Iquitos, Cusco, Trujillo, Tacna and Juliaca.

17 airlines operating international flights.

7 airline companies offering domestic flights.

More than 78,000 kilometers of highways, 8,084.26 of which are asphalted.

Archaeological heritage

Ten thousand years of history are lived through 180 museums and historical places. While Peru inevitably evokes images of Machu Picchu and the Inca empire, the country is also riddled with archaeological sites which are a legacy of even more ancient times, when great civilizations bequeathed a legacy of their art, customs and rituals, their wisdom and skills.

Nature and Landscapes

As home to 84 of the 104 life zones that exist on our plant makes Peru a privileged destination for nature lovers.

Close to 20% of the worlds birds and 10% of the world’s reptiles live here.

Peru has converted 13% of its territory into Protected Natural Areas.

Festivities and Traditions

Peru is a country that sings and dances in joy and sadness with color and a great deal of paraphernalia. Peruvians celebrate some 3,000 festivals all over the country.

Incomparable cuisine

Over 40,000 restaurants across the country reflect the diversity of a nation that has mixed its native traditions with the cuisines of Europe, Arabia, China, Africa and Japan. The result: unique flavours that make Peruvian cuisine one of the best and most varied in the world.

Here are two new videos that the Peru Travel is supporting. Check them out!

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