Delight in the Sacher Spa, Vienna’s most luxurious wellness oasis

Escape the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle and enter a world of peace and relaxation where you can just forget your worries for a couple of hours. At the heart of Vienna, on the fifth floor of the superior five-star Hotel Sacher Wien, you will find the exclusive Sacher Spa. Covering an area of 350 m², Vienna’s sole “Leading Spa of the World” offers its guests a wellness experience for all the senses, inviting them to tarry for a few hours – or just take a short break. By arrangement, the doors of the spa are open to hotel guests around the clock. However, the Sacher also extends a warm welcome to daytime spa guests.

The chocolate side of the Hotel Sacher, which skilfully combines the traditional and the modern, can also be found at the Sacher Spa: besides the world-famous Original Sacher-Torte cake, whose recipe is a closely guarded secret, this luxury establishment also serves its guests another chocolate dream at the Sacher Spa, which opened in the year 2005. “Time to Chocolate” is the name of Sacher’s exclusive line of care products entirely in the chocolate tradition of the house. “When people are travelling they often need to be well and truly pampered and find mental relaxation,” explains Sacher owner Elisabeth Gürtler. As a much-travelled manager she knows what makes hotel guests happy.

This guaranteed calorie-free body treatment is based on the same cocoa beans used for the chocolate icing of the Original Sacher-Torte. This delicate, creamy pampering programme with the scent of chocolate promises just as lasting a feeling of happiness as eating a slice of Original Sacher-Torte. The cocoa butter used in these products also nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, reducing wrinkles and ensuring a radiant look. The hotel’s own signature line was developed specially for the Sacher Spa and can also be enjoyed by guests in all the rooms and suites of the hotel.

Not only the soothing and delightfully scented contents of the products are custom made: the patented flasks also bear the Original Sacher mark. “Time to Chocolate” body lotion, shower gel, soap, shampoo and conditioner are also available for your wellness oasis at home – because chocolate simply makes people happy!

The “Time to Chocolate” treatments created by the Sacher Spa team around the theme of chocolate are used exclusively at the Sacher Spa, promising everything your skin needs thanks to cocoa bean peeling and creamy chocolate skincare. The exclusive beauty treatments from La Prairie which the Sacher Spa offers as the “Art of Beauty La Prairie Spa” are also quite unique. The superb treatments of the Ligne St. Barth exude a touch of the Caribbean. These exclusive feel-good elixirs contain natural active ingredients from exotic plants, blossoms and fruits combined with fresh ingredients individually blended to match your skin type.

The topic of health is also a major concern at the Sacher Spa. This is why the Sacher Spa team works together with remedial masseurs and therapists who are able to treat physical aches and pains such as a stiff neck or painful back by means of massage treatments in combination with medical concepts. At all events, a traditional massage will always provide relaxation for body and soul at any time.

A visit to the exquisite thermal area of the Sacher Spa will also work wonders for your health. An attractive thermal area and a relaxing meditation room offer just the right thing for everyone. In the sauna cabin, the brine aroma steam bath and the herbal steam bath, not to mention the ice fountain and the themed showers, guests can alternate between relaxing warmth and refreshing coolness. The difference in temperature stimulates the circulation, boosts the metabolism and purifies the skin. A crackling open fire in the relaxation oasis and a floating meditation room with soft, upholstered flooring and subdued lighting create the right atmosphere for you to relax in between visits to the sauna and steam baths.

For guests in search of a more active programme, there is not only an adjoining fitness room with the latest exercise equipment, but also a qualified personal trainer on request. Whether they need to focus on general toning, individual muscles or overall fitness, guests can stay fit using two cross trainers, two bicycle ergometers, two treadmills and a cable training system. A qualified trainer is on hand to assist guests on the power plate and ensure that they are doing the exercises the right way. Besides, for our more athletic guests we have compiled a special running map with four different runs taking in not only cultural highlights like the Vienna State Opera and the famous Burgtheater, but also natural attractions like the Vienna Prater and the Stadtpark gardens. And because fitness tends to be a sweaty business, after training the Sacher Spa offers every guest a refreshing cool towel scented with mint – for attention to detail and personal service are a long established tradition at the Hotel Sacher Wien!

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