Famous Médoc Vineyards


Go to the famous Médoc vineyards and discover the hundreds of wineries including some of the world’s most famous châteaux.

As from the stream at Blanquefort, the Médoc vineyards stretch westwards along the Garonne and then the estuary an a strip of land just 5 to 8 km wide. The famous Médoc vineyards, cover some 15, 000 hectares and are divided into 8 appellations, the very name of which constitue a dream world for wine lovers: Margaux, Moulis, Listrac, Saint-Julien, Pauillac, Saint Estèphe, Médoc et Haut-Médoc. The ocean of vines reveals the often original architecture of white stone built châteaux. whether they were classified in 1855 (Margaux, Lafite Rotschild, Latour, Mouton Rotschild etc.)bougeois or artisan growths or cooperatives, over 1, 000 wineries here produce some of the most famous wines in the world.The Médoc vineyards, thanks to the extraordinary diversity of their soils, to the ideal climate, to the judicious selection of grape varieties and to the painstaking work of the growers, have earned themselves a worldwide reputation.

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