The 20th Anniversary Founder’s Expedition to Mongolia


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nomadic Expeditions, our founder and president Jalsa Urubshurow led a special one-time Founder’s Expedition this past October. Some truly remarkable individuals joined Jalsa and travelers on this once in a lifetime journey including Peter Matthiessen, acclaimed writer and a two-time National Book award winner; Victor Emanuel, a well-known naturalist, birder and founder of Victor Emanuel Nature Tours and Costas Christ, editor and columnist for National Geographic Traveler and one of the world’s leading experts on ecotourism.

The expedition traveled across Mongolia to attend the spectacular 13th Annual Golden Eagle Festival in the Altai mountains in the far west to the Gobi Desert in the south. The Golden Eagle Festival that honors the ancient tradition of hunting and showcases the local Kazakh culture was truly a highlight for many travelers. This year, fifty-one eagle hunters competed based on the speed and agility of their trained Golden Eagles. Their traditional colorful outfits and hunting accessories offered a plethora of photo opportunities.


To read more about how this amazing Founder’s Expedition unfolded, please visit our field notes.

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