Free Dog Sledding Excursion on Your Yellowstone Wolf Adventure

Dog Sledding

The usual holiday emails from companies — even great companies (and I happen to think we are one of those, but I am biased) — tend to be a bit hollow, don’t you think?

Well, this year, I want to offer you more than festive greetings — I want to give you the gift of a dog sled ride!

Ring in the new year with our world famous Yellowstone Ultimate Wolf & Wildlife Safari. Join our February 9 – 15 departure by January 1st and I’ll throw in an exciting dog sled ride as our holiday gift to you, including one extra night at The Lexington in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (valued at $450)!

Top off your winter adventure in Wyoming with this unforgettable scenic ride in a sled pulled by a team of dogs, offering a most unique vantage point on the frosty landscape of Yellowstone during its most magical season.

In winter, tourist crowds are gone and and we are the nearly sole observers of its wild residents. Imagine the mystical howling of wolves in the dawn light, shaggy bison foraging for food, and elk congregating in vast herds, all against a pristine snowy backdrop. We have the park almost to ourselves on this rare adventure as we travel by exclusive chartered snowcoach and coordinate with on-site scientists for the best wildlife viewing possible.

Book your Yellowstone adventure today and get your free dog sledding excursion — my way of saying “Happy Holidays!” Call us at 1-888-700-8747 for more details.

For more information or to book,

click here to contact Traveline

or call us at 1-888-700-TRIP.


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