49 Day South America Grand Adventure Cruise with Princess

New! Princess Cruises - escape completely®
Rio de Janeiro and Tahiti
Announcing exciting new 49-day South America Grand Adventure sailing around Cape Horn!
Crown Princess® makes her debut and maiden calls to South America with an amazing 49-day South America Grand Adventure sailing on February 15, 2014, from Ft. Lauderdale to Los Angeles. This voyage is also available in shorter segments for those who don’t have the ability to take longer vacations.
You will experience a comprehensive navigation of the southern continent, which features overnight stays in Rio de Janeiro (during Carnival) and Buenos Aires, scenic cruising of Cape Horn and the Chilean Fjords, an optional Machu Picchu overland excursion, and calls in Central America and Mexico.You will have a variety of exciting South America sailings on Crown Princess to choose from, including:  49-day South America Grand Adventure Map
19-day Brazilian Adventure: Feb 15
33-day Brazilian & Cape Horn
Grand Adventure: Feb 15
49-day South America Grand Adventure: Feb 15
30-day Andes & Cape Horn Grand Adventure: Mar 6
16-day Andes & South America: Mar 20
New relaxing 10-day Hawaiian Islands sailing on our small ship!
Pacific Princess® has added more Tahiti and Hawaii sailings during winter and spring 2014, highlighted by a new 10-day Hawaiian Islands crossing on April 23, 2014, from Honolulu to Vancouver, featuring ports of call in Kauai, Kona and Hilo.Her 2014 World Cruise will be replaced by new sailings, including:
35-day South America & South Pacific (previously published and unchanged as Segment 1 of the World Cruise – Voyage K403): Jan 20
51-day South America, South Pacific & New Zealand Grand Adventure: Jan 20
16-day South Pacific & New Zealand: Feb 25
26-day South Pacific & New Zealand Grand Adventure: Feb 25
10-day Tahiti & Polynesia: Mar 12, Mar 22, Apr 1
12-day Hawaii & Tahiti: Apr 11
22-day Hawaii & Tahiti Grand Adventure: Apr 11
10-day Hawaiian Islands: Apr 23

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