Hands-On Experiences with Adventures by Disney

Adventures by Disney® allows you to become active participants in incredible stories, experiences and cultures through immersive activities that only Disney can bring to life.  From biking around the grounds of a historic French chateau to meeting Aboriginal tribe members in Australia, Guests become travelers and adventurers, instead of simply tourists.

Adventures by Disney

Here’s just a sample of the amazing hands-on experiences, Adventures by Disney offers.

Viva Italia – 9-days/8-nights
You will live the stories of Italy’s most famous sites through unforgettable experiences on this breathtaking vacation. Guests journey to a Tuscan estate for private pasta-making lesson, followed by an al fresco picnic surrounded by rolling hills and farmlands. In Venice, you create your own Carnevale mask with the help of a renowned mask-maker.

Cowboys and Canyons – 8-days/7-nights
You will experience the awesome expanse of the Grand Canyon, the power of the mighty Colorado River and the quiet majesty of the Southwestern desert. In Monument Valley, you will take in the sights from an off-road vehicle. Next, in the Grand Canyon, you set off by foot on a stunning hike led by a naturalist guide. Finally, you will enjoy an exciting, yet leisurely, rafting adventure, followed by a Cowboy Cookout on the banks of the Colorado River.

Enchanted China – 12-days/11-nights
This unforgettable vacation immerses you in China’s history and culture. Guests observe delightful pandas at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding – China’s premier institution devoted to the preservation of these rare animals. And, in Beijing a pedicab takes you through the ancient Hutong neighborhoods. Along the way you can participate in demonstrations of traditional crafts such as knot-tying, decorative paper-cutting, as well as a display by a yo-yo master.

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