The Importance of a Hotel’s Signature Scent

The Breakers

I just took a mini trip to The Breakers in West Palm Beach without even leaving my house. When I was there late last year, they had their own signature scent with their bathroom shampoo and conditioner. It was even for sale in their gift shop. While I was cleaning over the weekend, I came across these and decided to put them in my shower. An amazing experience began to happen. While my eyes were closed and the warm water was pouring over my head, the scent of the shampoo brought me back to the shower I had at The Breakers. Every detail was there down to the TV that was in the bathroom mirror. I knew that I was physically in my own shower but the power of thought took me back to a really great vacation experience.

This triggered my thoughts about returning to the beautiful hotel. Playing croquet on the front lawn, relaxing in my poolside cabana, grabbing a drink at the Seafood Bar that has an actual bar with fish swimming in it… All of these great memories that are triggered by just a bottle of shampoo? I can’t wait to start using the W Ft. Lauderdale and Bellagio ones next…




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