April 21st is Rome’s 2766th Birthday!

Rome's Birthday

Did you hear? There is a BIG PARTY, BIG CELEBRATION and YOU’RE INVITED! April 21st is Rome’s 2766th Birthday  but  no need to bring a gift.

So live it up for 10 fabulous days traveling independently, yet together … Convertible Caravans is NOT a convertible motor home! Nor a trailer trip… It is a small group of INDEPENDENT Travelers, TOURING together in their own private cars, along the same road on an INCREDIBLE scenic journey through Europe!

JUNE 13-22nd, 2013 or JULY 11-20th, 2013  From Milan through Lake Como, Portofino, Pisa, Florence and Tuscany to Rome …  And every night we’ll blow out the candles.

Spaces are limited, so  don’t miss out!

Be sure to tell us  “Buon Compleanno” or “Happy Birthday” when booking,  to receive your present.


Click here for more tour information

If you would like to book,

click here to contact Traveline

or call us at 1-888-700-TRIP.


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