Creepy Towel Animals

OK, we all know that cruise lines and resorts do a great job of adding a special treat when you return to your room to find a friendly creature awaiting your arrival. Room service gets quite creative. For instance, if you leave you sunglasses around the room, they just may end up on the face of a monkey. I have noticed recently that the cute and cuddly may just turn into a sculpture that you are thankful for not really having it live in your room. Here are a few great examples from around the web:


I love how they incorporated the remote!


Turtles can be nice but these red eyes are a bit scary.


OK. I would not like a snake on my bed…


I have no problems with bats but would prefer a monkey.


Not sure what this creature is but looks wiggly. Maybe a lobster?


Another snake…


OK this is a cute scorpion but… still a scorpion…


This stingray is not that creepy but they still remind me of The Crocodile Hunter’s fate…

creepy towel animal

This gem was left for one of my friends at her resort. Could you imagine someone chilling in your bed when you arrive back to your room???


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