Once Upon a Time… in St. Mortiz, Switzerland.

Once upon a time… exactly 150 years ago: A small mountain hillside village in Switzerland, without a good environment for agriculture but inhabited by a people rich in courage, creativity and pioneering spirit. The acidic springs were cleverly used for summer tourism and attracted the rich and aristocratic from all over the world to the Engadin for fashionable spa treatments in the summer.

Once upon a time in St Moritz … in 1864, the Hotel des Bains, known today as Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains, was built for guests of that time and is now built for guests of today. Hotel pioneers discovered the appeal of winter sports and a lot of innovations started in the Engadin: the first electric light in Switzerland (1878), the first ice skating European championships (1882), the first telephone installation in Graubünden (1889) or the first electric tram in the Alps (1896).

This list can continue up until today and what this means to me and my team: to sense the right trends and to implement my vision for St. Moritz, the Engadin and the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains all for your to benefit from and experience.

Celebrate 150 years with us: from the Hotel des Bains to Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains and look forward to a magnificent summer 2014 with sporty and cultural events, with adventure and fun, surprises and culinary festivities.


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