Cultural Connections Around the World 2015 by Private Jet

Lakani World Tours

10 Mar 2015 – 03 Apr 2015
25 days
Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States to Biarritz, France

An all-inclusive Around the World tour by luxury Private Jet .  Lakani Private Jet tours are designed to allow you ample time to become immersed in local culture and history.  Stroll along cobbled streets of medieval cities, shop for indigenous specialties in traditional markets, spend time in prominent galleries and museums, or indulge in spa treatments.  Enjoy abundant photographic opportunity and never feel rushed.  Relax, Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Your Lakani Private Jet tour includes everything you can possibly imagine in a luxury journey.  You need not worry about paying extra for optional sightseeing, meals or services – because they are already included!

One of the greatest joys of travel is in the discovery of new culinary delights and the destinations they represent.  You will have opportunities to taste fresh and exciting dishes on your journey around the world – in your own personal style.  We believe that your dining experience should be your choice.

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