Halloween in Romania


Greetings from Count Dracula’s castle! Today we begin our tales of adventures of the journey that brought us to Romania for Halloween. When will you ever get a chance to spend All Hallows Eve in a vampire’s castle? Let me tell you that isn’t something that comes up in everyday conversation or vacation planning. But take the risk and enjoy the journey.

So off we set to Bucharest where we left on a late flight on British Airways from Heathrow to Romania. With a wonderful in flight meal we were full by the time we touched down in Bucharest. After heading through passport control we hitched a cab. I would recommend pr- arranging the transfers at all cost. The country has its own currency and most of the cab drivers do not take Euros, Pounds or a credit card.

We headed to the RIN Central Hotel. While the hotel has a great rating, the beds were not up to pair and the shower stall floor was so rough that you have to leave the towel in there to be able to stand. The only positive things were that the AC was working and the water pressure and temperature was amazing. However, we were only there for a couple of hours before we were to meet with our tour guide, Diana from Unzip Romania.


Josh and I had booked the trip through Viator and had such an amazing trip. Not only did it include Dracula’s castle, but during the day, we also visited the town center in Brasov and Peles Castle. The castle wood carving was made with such detail I wished I had paid the photo fee to be able to take pictures inside. You even get to see where the secret door is in the library.


We had some free time before the costume party to be able to explore the city center a little more from both with in and out the old walled city portion. We stayed at the Bella Muzica for the night and were rewarded with a  wonderful bed and hot shower that surpassed the first place.


Once all 6 of us where dressed up, we headed to the Bran Castle. The nice thing about having Diane with us was not only her knowledge of her country but the ability to cut the long queue to get into the castle. After a great tour of the castle and the rooms, it was over to the tent outside where the party was happening. That line we weren’t able to cut. It was a little chilly but once you are in the tent you have the ability to buy drinks and warm up a little with the DJ and dancing. We stayed until around midnight then headed back into town.

romania party

A couple of us decided to go out and see the Brasov party life and headed up at the karaoke bar across the street. Not going to lie, there was also a trip to McDonald’s because it was the only thing open at 2:30 am.

The next morning we headed north to see the birth place of Dracula and visit the supposed room where he was born. We also had additional free time to tour the city and pet the city’s welcome dog. We tried to make it back into town to see the place where Dracula was buried however the traffic was pretty bad and by the time we got there it was closed.


With another night at the RIN Central Hotel, I was already dreading it, but we were in a different room and the shower floor was much improved. That was it for the improvements, but its the little things that matter and keeping a positive outlook on the journey. We had an early morning flight back to town where we ended up sitting on the run way for 40 minutes due to the fog in London before we took off. And even then, the fog was still so bad that after landing when I looked out over the wing, I could only see just the tip of the end.

So overall I had a wonderful time spending Halloween at Dracula’s castle, dressing up and meeting new people. A trip I would recommend to people wanting to have a couple of drinks and enjoy getting into character.



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