Luxury Travel Options in Colombia

Cartagena by Gabriel García Márquez:  Join Jaime García Márquez, brother of the Nobel Prize–winning author, for a singular walking tour through Cartagena de Indias. No other place influenced the life and literature of Gabriel García Márquez more than this picturesque Colonial city, and his younger sibling leads you through its captivating
Old Town while sharing stories about “Gabo” and locations from his novels.

Zona Cafetera by Horseback:  Ride through the terraced slopes of Colombia’s Zona Cafetera, which yields nearly half of the country’s coffee crop. Fly from Bogotá to Armenia, where you transfer to a private estate and farm for a horseback excursion with your expert guide. Pass through lush crops ranging from pineapple and sugar cane to bamboo forest before enjoying a picnic lunch. Then return to your private retreat with pool for a traditional barbecue. This is just one highlight of an eight-day, custom-made journey between Bogotá and Cartagena.

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá:  Make a pilgrimage from Bogotá to explore the famous subterranean Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, 600 feet beneath the Halite Mountains. Out of the stark darkness, dramatic lighting illuminates the extraordinary architecture and Stations of the Cross, as well as statues and other works masterfully carved by miners and sculptors in three naves built into the walls of an active church attended by thousands of worshippers each Sunday.

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