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Important Advice for First-Time Zazu Campers Renters!

Do you ever fantasize about an existence spent traveling the United States in a van? What if, rather than purchasing a van, you could rent one? Renting Zazu Campers is a terrific way to experience what it’s like to live temporarily on the road. And it’s a wonderful option for anyone who enjoys the outdoors but dislikes sleeping in a tent while doing so.

Because there are so many companies that offer campervan rental services, making a decision can be difficult. The following advice regarding campervan rentals will assist you in locating the vehicle that best meets your requirements, maximizing your travel experience.

Which is better: RV or Campervan Rental?

Before we delve into the advice, let’s compare and contrast renting a campervan versus purchasing an RV.

Due to its compact dimensions, a campervan is easier to operate on the road than a recreational vehicle. Campervans are typically considerably more compact and provide a driving experience comparable to that of a sizable truck or SUV. As a direct result, campervans typically achieve better fuel economy than recreational vehicles.

The lack of a lavatory and shower in many, but not all, campervans is the most significant potential disadvantage of renting a campervan as opposed to an RV. This may not be a significant concern if you are renting the campervan for only a few days. The majority of truck stops, campgrounds, and national and state parks provide visitors with access to showers and facilities. However, the lack of a toilet in the vehicle may be a deal-breaker for some individuals, despite the fact that tent camping is virtually identical to vehicle camping in this regard.

Campervan Rental Tips: Check the daily mileage limits and any additional fees prior to making a reservation

Do you consider you have found a reasonable price for campervan rental? Ensure you are aware of the daily mileage limit. If your experiences are similar to mine, you will likely discover that you are limited to 100–150 kilometers per day for each rental vehicle. This low mileage will not get you very far, but if you want to drive somewhere and leave the van there for a few days, it might work.

Determine if a minimum monthly rental payment is required

Similar to the policies of hotels and RV rental agencies, it is not uncommon for campervan rentals to require a minimum number of days. It may be difficult to find campervan accommodations that are available for a single night.

Check both the pick-up and the drop-off times

If you anticipate loading up your campervan first thing in the morning and hitting the road as soon as possible, you may be disappointed. The retrieval times for nearly all rental companies of campervans are scheduled for the afternoon. This makes sense given that they need time between rentals to sanitize the units, but I still found the first day to be somewhat unproductive.

Does your auto insurance policy cover the campervan while you are operating it?

As a campervan is a different type of vehicle than a rental car, you should contact your auto insurance provider to determine if you are covered. Alternately, several credit card companies will provide coverage if you use their credit card to make the purchase. If neither of these provides coverage for your campervan rental, the majority of rental companies will offer you the option to purchase insurance when you make your reservation.

Transportation will be provided to the collection and dropoff locations

You are responsible for traveling to the designated pick-up and drop-off locations, which may seem like an obvious requirement. In some instances, you will have no difficulty obtaining these, while in others, you will not.

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