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Corporate Housing – The Preferred Accommodation for Corporate Travellers

When you think about travelling for business, what comes to mind? Likely, it’s hotels, airports, and extended stays in nondescript places. But did you know there’s a far better option for your corporate sojourn? Enter Corporate Housing. It has become a game-changer in corporate travel, providing a home-like environment with the luxury of a hotel. Corporate Keys is a reputable name in this field, which offers top-notch accommodations explicitly tailored for business travellers.

Why Choose Corporate Housing?


  • Fully Furnished Apartments: Say goodbye to bland hotel rooms. Corporate Housing provides fully furnished apartments with everything from a kitchen to a home office setup.
  • Strategic Locations: These establishments are generally located near business hubs, making it convenient for travellers to attend meetings and network.


  • Long-term Stay Benefits: The longer you stay, the less you pay. Unlike hotels that charge exorbitant rates, corporate Housing offers cost-effective options for extended stays.
  • No Hidden Costs: What you see is what you get. The price often includes utilities, WiFi, and other amenities without any hidden charges.


  • Variety of Options: Corporate Housing offers options for various needs and budgets, from one-bedroom apartments to luxurious suites.
  • Customizable: Many corporate housing providers allow you to customize your stay, from furniture to housekeeping schedules.

The Luxuries of Home Away From Home

Imagine wrapping up a gruelling day of meetings and returning not to a cramped hotel room but to an apartment that feels like home. You can cook your meals or even host a small gathering while stepping away from your work commitments. This sense of comfort and familiarity sets corporate Housing apart from other accommodation options.

How To Choose the Right Corporate Housing

When you’re in the market for corporate Housing, consider the following:

  • Reviews and Ratings: Look for establishments with high ratings and positive reviews.
  • Amenities: Ensure all the amenities you require, such as a gym or laundry service, are available.
  • Contract Terms: Be clear about the terms and conditions, including payment and cancellation policies.


Corporate Housing is more than just an accommodation option; it’s an experience that offers the comforts of home and the luxuries of a hotel. Whether planning a long-term assignment or a short business trip, corporate Housing provides the perfect blend of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and comfort. Next time you travel for work, consider skipping the hotel and booking a corporate housing apartment—you won’t regret it.

So, for your next business trip, look at Corporate Keys and step up your corporate travel game. With various options to fit every need and budget, it’s a win-win for the modern-day business traveller.

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