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Sofia – Convincing Reasons to Explore Captivating Capital of Bulgaria

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is nestled within the country’s picturesque landscape. The city is a fusion of history, culture and eye-catching scenic beauty.

Your days will be full of excitement and curiosity when you explore all the architectural beauties. Nights will be exciting when you relax in your hotel while immersing deep into the Vitosha Mountains.

There are many things to explore in Sofia Bulgaria, as long as you know where to begin. James Smith is a UK travel blogger who has travelled to several destinations worldwide.

He always travels through different and cheap modes of transportation other than flights. His travel blog, Only By Land, is dedicated to all cities worldwide, their landmarks, must-visit sites, and ways to reach different places.

Sofia is the best way to enjoy the art of man and nature. Those who haven’t been to this place should definitely make this holiday.

Here are some reasons that may thrill you to add Sofia to your vacation.

Reasons to Visit Sofia

·       Food

The Balkan cuisine in the restaurants has a Mediterranean touch of flavours. Walking around the streets of Sofia, you can taste their delicacies like tarator, similar to Greek tzatziki, and banitsa, a pastry filled with feta are worth trying.

·       Drinks

Bulgaria is known for Rakia, a national alcohol distilled from fruits like grapes, apricots, and plums. It is widely available on local streets.

·       Religion

Sofia is known for its varied cultures and unity in religion. The Square of Religious Tolerance depicts harmony through Saint Nedelya, Banya Bashi, Saint Joseph, and Sofia Synagogue temples creating the border.

·       History

With numerous museums and galleries, Sofia narrates its history and culture from ancient times to its visitors.

·       Activities

Apart from museums and art, tourists can relax in Crystal Garden, Yuzhen Park, and the National Theatre’s Garden. These parks are full of entertainment and the best way to interact with locals.

·       Hiking

Another best way to enjoy your stay. Climb the Vitosha Mountains and reach the Cherni Vrah Peak. Enjoy a cuppa at the top teahouse.

·       Concerts

Music lovers and theatre enthusiasts can’t miss the Sofia Opera House concerts and open-air performances by some exclusive artists. The city is known for its famous theatres where people enjoy classic music depicting the Bulgarian culture.

·       Affordable

Sofia can be a budget-friendly trip. From accommodation, food, and drinks to transportation, all can be cheap with no compromise in quality.

·       Less crowd

Even though it is a tourist destination, few people know its significance. That is why you will see less crowd on streets, historic sites, museums, eateries, and bars, making it a delightful, comfortable, and peaceful stay.

The vibrant and colourful buildings, the wall art, the streets. The friendly pedestrians and some exciting bars and cafes make it a delightful stay for every visitor.

The city is a unique blend of old culture with modern vibes. Pack your bags to explore the capital of Bulgaria. Immerse deep into their history while praising their culture.

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